Is this a Weber brand product?
No, it is a CAMPAQUIP product.

I have a Weber breakfast or premium plate. Why should I buy your plate?
Those plates are slow to heat as they only sit on top of the grate plate.
Heat has to be transferred from one plate to another as there is no direct flame therefore you are technically baking those plates to heat them. This method results in extra gas usage and the lid must be closed in order to heat the plate therefore you cannot see what you're cooking.
You need direct heat to a plate to cook successfully and quickly; Our CAMPAQUIP plate allows you to do just that.

Do I have to cook with the lid down while using the CAMPAQUIP plate?
No. The CAMPAQUIP plate is full sized and was developed for over 2 years to ensure the correct volume of metal to accept and retain heat using direct heat from the burners. However, it is still safe to cook with the lid down if you wish to do so. 

What can I cook on the CAMPAQUIP plate?
The CAMPAQUIP plate can be used to cook anything you wish! Using a CAMPAQUIP plate allows you to cook lid up or down, and prepare exactly to your preferences. 
Some examples of what can be cooked using the CAMPAQUIP plate: Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes, Burgers, Steak, Chicken, Sausages/Chicken, Grilled Vegetables...

Will it damage my grill?
No. The CAMPAQUIP plate has been developed & tested for over 2 years and in excess of 100 hours. This testing includes use with heat on one barbeque covering all areas of concern such as heat, fumes, flame, Carbon Dioxide, with lid up & lid
down, and more.

Will it void the warranty on my grill?
No. Every test carried out on a single grill did not affect or change the condition of the grill.

To ease any concerns, CAMPAQUIP will take over Weber’s 5 year warranty if our plates ever cause damage to your grill*. 

Is it easy to clean?
Yes, the CAMPAQUIP plate is porcelain enamelled for easy cleaning.

Will it rust?
No, undamaged the CAMPAQUIP plate will not rust as it is porcelain enamelled. Only if, somehow, you damaged it would potentially rust. However, even with rust your plate would not deteriorate for many years.

Can I store my CAMPAQUIP plate in my Weber grill with the grate plate?
Yes, it is possible to store the CAMPAQUIP plate in your Weber grill. You can put the grate over this plate and close the lid. Please note that we recommend you place a piece of cardboard, or some form of protectant, between the two pieces in order to prevent damage. 

What Weber models do you have a CAMPAQUIP plate for?
Our current product line produces plate to fit: Weber Q100, Q1000, Q200, Q2000 series which includes Q120, Q1200, Q200, Q2200 and many others which have a similar numbering system (these are normally different coloured lid models).

Where can I buy a CAMPAQUIP plate?
Currently, the only place to purchase a CAMPAQUIP plate in North America is on the campaquip.net website. We plan to expand into retail stores and other ecommerce sites in the near future. 

Q: What other products does CAMPAQUIP have?
A: We also have half size plates for Weber grills, which will be introduced in the near future. As well, we will be expanding into other camping and caravan accessories down the road. 

Q: How many CAMPAQUIP plates have been sold?
In Australia, our founding country, over 40,000 full plates have been sold since our launch in 2012 with overwhelming success. Even with over 40,000 CAMPAQUIP plates sold, we have not received any complaints; only wonderful feedback. Many sales today are from user referrals.



*Conditions Apply